Are You Paying Too Much for Medigap?

Don't Overpay!

Medigap policies – true Medicare supplemental insurance policies – can be price shopped 365

days a year! Unfortunately, there is so much chaos in the fall during the “Annual Enrollment

Period” (tv ads, mailers in your mailbox – you know the drill!) that the Medigap price shopping

folks assume that they can only change their coverage during that October 15 – December 7



Wrong! If you have a current Medigap policy (Plan C, F, G, etc) and your health is good (as you

will have to answer medical questions and pass medical underwriting to obtain a new policy) –

you SHOULD be comparing your plans. There are dozens of carriers that offer Medigap



And, remember that these plans (by federal law) are standardized. What does that mean to

you? It means that if you buy a Plan G from the ABC carrier, it is identical to a Plan G with the

XYZ carrier. But, the price tags will differ for each policy. So, PLANS are the same but PRICES

will differ.


So, you don’t need to accept overpaying. Instead of complaining, know that you might be able

to do something about it. Call us (or use our website contact from) to get you a quote!