What's The Cost of a Medicare Agent? The Answer May Surprise You

Here’s a common misconception.  “You’ll pay more for your Medigap policy if you go through an agent”.  


Let’s say that you see a TV advertisement for a large carrier that sells Medigap policies.  You call and purchase a Plan F with them.  You pay $175.00 per month.  

You call me, an independent agent, and I will help you purchase that same Plan F with that same carrier for $175.00.  Very likely, however, I will say “Mr. Jones, another carrier has that Plan F for $135.00; would you prefer that one?”  

2 pronged point here.  We may likely find you a lesser priced carrier for the same plan.  Also, and possibly more importantly, when you secure your policy through an agent, you now have an agent that can help you with billing issues or things that can happen with insurance policies. We’ll help you with all sorts of things that the big carrier that you saw on TV won’t.  You’ll be relegated to the 800 number and waiting in line.  

So, find a good, dedicated Medicare specialist (typically not your home and auto person, not your CPA, etc) but a dedicated Medicare specialist (hmmmm, like us!) to help you weed through the Medicare madness.