Heading into Retirement and Needing Part B?

Let’s say that you are 67 years old and still working. Near your 65th, you likely signed on for

Part A of Medicare (and received a card showing so) and you declined to take Part B at that

time because you were working and had group health insurance with your employer (note that

different rules apply to small employers with under 20 people on a plan).


So, now you are 67 and heading out of the workforce. Now you need to apply for Medicare’s

Part B.


Where do you start?


Head to your human resources department and ask for assistance. You’ll need two forms filled

out – the form L564 and form 40B. The L564 form is one that you’ll take to your employer to fill

out their section. You complete your section. The 40B is your formal application for Part B with

Medicare. After you have the forms completed, take or send them to your closest Social

Security office. After that, your updated Medicare card showing your new Part B effective date

will arrive.


Then – you are ready to add your supplemental insurance. That’s where your Medicare

Specialist will educate you as to plans and options that will fit your lifestyle and budget.


Hang in there – you’ll soon be retired and relaxed after this temporary Medicare madness!